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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shouted Club?2020-01-29T05:48:29+09:30

Shouted Club is a subscription-only group where your customers pay you a monthly fee in order to receive a greater value worth of goods from your business (food or drink). For instance, let’s say you own a pub and want to start your own Shouted Club. You name your club John’s Sunday Beers Club. You set the subscription price, say $30 a month. You promise your customers if they subscribe, you’ll give them over $60 worth of beer each month.

Every month, Shouted will send your subscribers an sms containing the drinks/food you have scheduled for them. They simply bring their smartphone into your venue and you redeem the products from their phone (note: patrons will need to download the Shouted app to receive their goods).

How to become a Club Owner?2020-02-04T08:36:32+09:30

It’s simple! Fill in this form, list the products you want to feature in your Subscription Calendar and we’ll get you set up. The form is not a binding agreement, so you have the opportunity to back out if you change your mind. We’ll call you shortly after you submit the form so you’ll have the opportunity to ask us any questions you might have.

What is a Subscription Calendar?2020-02-03T07:23:59+09:30

A Subscription Calendar is basically the list of products you want to offer give your subscribers each calendar month. For instance, in January, you might want to give subscribers 2 Cheeseburgers and two pints of beer. In February, you might give them 3 Burritos and 3 Coronas. It’s entirely up to you… just make sure you are wowing your subscribers each month and they’ll never unsubscribe from your club.

Can I edit my Subscription Calendar?2020-02-07T15:28:04+09:30

Yes, but there will be a fee to do so. No. There’s a good reason you can’t. When you set up your club, Shouted will provide you a media kit with your Subscription Calendar printed so that subscribers can see what they will receive from one month to the next. If people have subscribed thinking that they will receive a specific drink or meal and you change it for something else… well that might make them very unhappy.

Out of Stock… yes, we get it. Sometimes things are out of stock or products get discontinued. If this is the case, you may email us (clubs@shouted.io) to update your Subscription Calendar at least 2 weeks before the Subscription Delivery Date. We will make the changes to your Subscription Calendar, send you a new Media Kit with the updated Calendar AND we’ll sms your subscribers letting them know of the change to give them the opportunity to unsubscribe if they don’t like it. This change will cost you $50 plus 10 cents per sms. The total charge will be deducted from your following Subscription Payment.

Can I give my subscribers a mystery food or drink item?2020-01-29T06:01:25+09:30

YES! This is a great way to get subscribers trying new things. You are limited to one drink product and one food product per calendar month. When completing your Subscription Calendar, please use MYSTERY and the product name in either the Food or Drink categories.

How do I change my Club Name?2020-01-29T06:03:05+09:30

Please email us if you’d like to change your Club Name. We will notify all members of the change via sms. There is a $50 plus 10 cents per sms we send to your subscribers. The total charge will be deducted from your following Subscription Payment.

Can I have more than one club?2020-01-29T06:03:43+09:30

YES! In fact, this is encouraged. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a thing to set them up. Shouted is “no win no fee” so you’ll only get charged based on how many paying subscribers you have.

Multiple clubs are a great way to create value for everyone. You can have a Beer Club, a Wine Club and a Whiskey Club, or even a mix of all to target the broadest range of patrons.

What things can I offer to my subscribers?2020-01-29T06:04:20+09:30

You can offer your patrons any food or drink product listed on your menus. When selecting which products to offer subscribers, a great tip is to offer them crowd-pleaser products as these products will appeal to the widest audience.

You can also offer one Mystery Drink and one Mystery Meal each month

Can you include alcohol/liquor in your Subscription Calendar?2020-01-29T06:05:03+09:30

You certainly can and should include alcoholic beverages on your Subscription Calendar (if you have the appropriate license).

Typically, a Shouted Club is to encourage consumption of products at your venue. However, if you want to give your subscribers an alcoholic drink or meal to take away (consume outside of your venue) that is perfectly fine with us. Just be sure your are legally allowed to do that in your city/country.

How much does Shouted charge to set up a club?2020-02-07T15:37:18+09:30

Setting up a club is FREE! You can create as many different clubs as you like (maybe a wine club, a beer club and a whiskey club).

Your Shouted Club is operated on a no-win no-fee basis, meaning that Shouted doesn’t make money unless you do. Shouted retains 25% of your monthly subscription revenue. If this sounds like a lot, consider the following value Shouted provides in return:

  • Customer support and help desk service to your subscribers
  • Offers your customers a portal through which to manage, pause or cancel their subscription at any time
  • Payment of merchant fees charged by the payment provider (Stripe), including the risk of charge-backs
  • Provides you with a print-ready a media kit for each club you set up. The media kit includes graphic-designed table talkers, posters, your subscription calendar and your unique club QR code, which can be used on any media to help your patrons find and subscribe to your club easier
  • Manages refunds, chargebacks and monthly billing administration of your customers’ payment cycles
  • Digitally delivers meal and drink tokens securely to your subscribers using technology built and owned by Shouted
  • Data privacy and security so your patrons can safely and securely transact at your venue.
  • Provides you with a simple, clean interface to redeem deals right from your subscribers’ phone (no messy paper coupons or complex hardware is required)
  • Can provide you with valuable insights on who has joined your club, age, gender, postcode and brand preferences

There’s much, much more that Shouted offers, but we’ll leave some things for you to discover on your own!

How do I promote my Subscription Club?2020-02-07T15:23:08+09:30

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3…

1.      STAFF

Your front of house staff are 100% going to determine if your club is a success or failure. It’s vital that they are asking EVERY PATRON to join your club.

  1. ALL of your FOH staff must learn how to subscribe to your club – it’s very simple to learn (if they don’t know, they won’t be able to help patrons)
  2. All FOH staff should be encouraged to download and register on Shouted to become familiar with the app (it’s free)
  3. Print a copy of our HOW TO REDEEM poster and stick it behind the bar. Staff need to know the three-digit pin so that they can redeem goods from subscribers’ phones. (We provide this PIN to you when you set up your club).
  4. Turn your staff into ambassadors for your club – if your aim is to reach 1000 members and $20,000 a month in recurring revenue, then you will need your staff telling everyone how awesome your club is!
  5. Ensure your staff understand the importance of making your subscribers feel like royalty. These people have shown a true commitment to your venue and are paying you in advance for your hospitality. They should be made to feel like the most special people in the venue whenever they walk in.

2.      MEDIA KIT

When you first set up your club, Shouted will provide you with a media kit. In this media kit you’ll find print-ready table talkers, posters and your subscription calendar. Print a truckload of them! We’ve done all the hard work for you, so you have no excuses.

Your media kit will also contain your unique club QR code, which can be added to any other print media to help your patrons find and subscribe to your club easier.

  1. It’s vitally important that you have a copy of your subscription calendar displayed at the bar. Staff need to know where it is so they can point every customer to it
  2. You should also print and display table talkers and posters wherever you can find space
  3. Share the posters we have designed for you to your social media feeds every week! At least once a week remind your fans and followers that your club is life-changing!
  4. Letterbox drop the heck out of it! Print hundreds of your Subscription Calendars and posters and deliver them to every business in your area. Let your neighbours know that for a small monthly fee, they can get all these great meals and drinks.

HINT: You’ll be surprised how valuable the receptionist of an office can be in encouraging staff to have knock-off drinks or a meal at your venue. Let them know about your club!


When your subscribers come in to redeem their products, make them feel like the most special people in the place! After all, these people have committed their loyalty to your venue by paying you in advance for your hospitality. They are showing a great deal of faith in you and your business and so you MUST reward them for it.

IMPORTANT: Never, EVER indicate that because a subscriber is paying less than regular patrons that they are less important. Ensure your staff understand the significance of making your subscribers feel like royalty.

Also, the greater the value you give to your subscribers, the less likely they are to unsubscribe. Make sure that every month there is at least one very special meal or drink that truly wows them. Or when they redeem a meal or drink, give them a sampling of something extra. These subscribers are going to talk to their friends and colleagues – and this is how you can truly explode your subscriptions.

DON’T FORGET: Even though your subscribers might not be generating the margins you normally get from regular purchases, it’s these people that will give your venue its life. The familiarity that every venue is looking for with its patrons. If you make them feel welcome, they’ll stay longer and spend even more.

How can subscribers cancel their subscription?2020-01-29T06:09:04+09:30

Your subscribers can unsubscribe from your club at any time. From the Shouted Clubs website (www.clubs.shouted.io, the subscriber needs to log into their Shouted Clubs account. From here they can manage all of their Shouted Clubs subscriptions, pause or cancel them. For more help with this, please email clubs@shouted.io.

Who receives the money for the subscription?2020-02-07T15:32:39+09:30

Shouted receives the money from your subscribers and will pay that money to you every month, less Shouted’s fees.

NOTE: Click here to find out more about Shouted’s fee and the value you get.

How often does Shouted pay Club Owners?2020-02-07T15:35:08+09:30

Shouted pays you in the first week of every month for the preceding month. For example, in February you will receive the subscription revenue that your club generated in January (less Shouted’s fees).

NOTE: Click here to find out more about Shouted’s fee and the value you get.

Why does Shouted only send Subscription Tokens on the 1st of each month?2020-01-29T06:11:34+09:30

At Shouted, we like to give everyone a fair go. Your subscribers receive their goods on the 1st of each month, and they have that entire calendar month to redeem these goods. If they do not redeem the goods within that month, the unredeemed digital tokens will expire.

Because of this model, we feel it might be too complicated to have different tokens expiring at different times. Subscribers might get confused, and so might bar staff. Let’s try to keep this simple, hey.

How do subscribers receive their Subscription benefits?2020-02-07T15:47:45+09:30

Shouted will send your subscribers a digital token for each of the meals or drinks you are giving them each month. We will send these tokens to subscribers by sms and email to the mobile number and email addresses they registered with. Your subscribers will need to download and install the SHOUTED app  in order to receive and redeem their digital tokens.

The sms will look similar to this:

“[Club Name] has just sent you your monthly goodies! Just tap the link to claim them (you must have the Shouted app installed). www.clubs.shoued.io/deal123

When you head into [Venue Name] next, launch your Shouted App, then open your Shouted Wallet to redeem your available meals and drinks!

If you get stuck, please just ask one of the staff members at the venue and they’ll help you out!”

When the subscriber taps the link, the goods will appear in their Shouted Wallet. The image below illustrates what the wallet looks like.

To redeem any meal or drink, the subscriber just need to tap REDEEM alongside that product and have the waiter/bartender enter the venue pin to redeem the token.

How do I redeem a subscriber’s goods?2020-02-07T15:23:53+09:30

After launching the Shouted App, the subscriber will open their Shouted Wallet and tap REDEEM alongside the products they want to redeem. They will show you their device.

You will see a “pin screen” with a number pad, prompting you to enter your venue’s three-digit pin (we provide this when you set up your club). The image below illustrates this.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you look at which products they want to redeem before entering your pin.

When you have entered your venue pin, you’ll see a blue success screen, indicating that the digital tokens have been redeemed and are removed from the customer’s Shouted Wallet. The image below shows the success screen.

NOTE: If you do enter your pin and then forget which products the customer was redeeming, you can ask the customer to open their History tab on the Shouted app. From here, you can see what was redeemed from that customer’s account and when. The images below show you what the History screens looks like.

What is my three (3) digit pin?2020-01-29T06:20:20+09:30

When setting up your venue on Shouted, we will provide you with a three-digit pin. This is the same pin that is used for all clubs operated by your venue. If you have lost your three digit pin, please email ask@shouted.io and we will provide it to you.

If you would like each staff member to be issued a unique three-digit pin, please have them download the Shouted app on iOS or Android and register an account, then email us at ask@shouted.io with their pin request.

Can I add cocktails to my Subscription Calendar?2020-01-29T06:20:58+09:30

Yes, you can. When completing your subscription calendar, simply add the name of the cocktail in the Brand Name field, and add the main liquors used for this cocktail in the Product Name field. The remaining fields should be completed as per standard drink product. See the below example.