We’ve changed

how we

do business.

We’ve changed

how we

do business.


We’ve made some very quick changes to Shouted in order to help our struggling hospitality industry while, at the same time, connecting those in need with delicious food and beverages.

We’ve tweaked the Shouted app to provide digital solutions to securely distribute meals and drinks to the community.

We invite Government, Enterprise & any charitable businesses to use this service at cost price.

Using Shouted, anyone can send secure digital tokens to people via sms, via a link to their email or by QR code. These tokens can be redeemed for goods at the location of any business you’d like to support throughout the lockdown. Alternately, you may choose to offer home delivery.

You can set limits and control how many tokens can be redeemed and at which times. The tokens are also trackable in real-time, so you can watch your goods have a direct impact.

Reach people instantly, with meaningful assistance in their time of need.

Please contact us for more information, and stay safe.

Michael & Sam, Founders of Shouted

How it Works – In 3 Screens

1. Customer is notified when they have received goods

Shouted Push Notification

2. Product is stored in the Shouted Wallet ready to be redeemed

Shouted Digital Wallet

3. At the venue, enter a unique pin to redeem the product

Shouted Redeem Screen - Enter Pin

What happened to Shouted Clubs?

Great news… You can still create a club for your venue!

Using Shouted Clubs, hospitality venues can generate SUBSCRIPTION REVENUE! This helps those venues that can offer take away during lockdown by providing financial stability and consistent monthly patronage.


Any hospo venue can create a Shouted Club. Customers can pay a monthly fee to join that club and in return they receive a specified number of Digital Tokens to their Shouted Wallet. The customer can redeem these Digital Tokens in exchange for meals and drinks from the Club Menu, which the venue creates when setting up the club.

Clubs are a great way to help venues minimise food wastage and over-ordering, while providing customers with a powerful call to action each month to head into the venue. Above all, though, a Shouted Club will foster genuine community engagement and a meaningful connection between patron, product and venue.

Reach out to us to create your club now!

All of our Digital Tokens are all managed using the SHOUTED app, which you can download for free on the App Store or Play Store.

Use the chat feature in the Shouted app to meet new people who are in your city and to let people know how you’re getting on.

Brands on Shouted

Shouted is redefining how hospitality businesses think about loyalty. Subscription revenue will undoubtedly transform the industry.

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We are partying alone right now, but we’ll all be together soon enough!